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Elvis, it's been two years since you've gone there, as well as a year when Andy followed you to the Heaven. We spend everyday thinking about you. How are you spending your time? How is everything going? You aren't too fat, are you? Don't eat too much. I started going to a fitness club with your mom, when I realized that I don't get much exercise daily. Your Grandma is already in her 80's, and like you were, she has problem with her legs. But she is doing well, going to places by herself. I heard Rabu in Kawasaki fell off from the stairs last time. She was okay, but she should watch out, for she is getting old. Your friend, Mac, has gone to your place this past New Year. It's sad that your footsteps in Nogata are starting to disappear. I changed my computer's warning sound to your voice. I hear you barking when I make mistake on the computer. I miss you, listening to your voice. Have fun with all your friends there. Take Care.


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